YouTube’s Christian Cousins

By PaulT / December 12, 2017

In the spirit of YouTube Tuesday, why not introduce two new entries to the Christian sphere of YouTube impersonators:

» … This site is a relatively direct impersonator of YouTube, which makes the navigation rather easy, as well as the technical side of things. For now, the selection is nowhere near as rich as YouTube’s. And, in truth, it likely never will be unless they (or another similar site) starts signing some exclusive licensing deals with other Christian media outlets.

» … This site has a rather unique tie for Lakewoodians. The founder, Spider Ledesma, is a member of Lakewood (via Toronto). He’s also written a book about Lakewood: The Lakewood Factor. I’ve got a few concerns about this one – some technical, some more serious.

On the technical side of things, this site has a lot to be desired. There’s seemingly no Flash capability for the video. It’s all run through Windows Media. That may mean little in terms of the adaptability of the media (WMP still comes pre-installed on most machines) , but the usability is far clunkier. There’s a reason that the trend is heading towards Flash and with new services out there (ie –, there’s little reason to start up this type of project without Flash. The content of the site is even farther on the thin side. There’s even a fair amount of spam on the site – or what should count as spam, at least.

The more serious concerns are as follows. Ledesma tends to incorporate the Lakewood name a bit too generously. There’s a page on the site for Lakewood Video Blogs. One problem. There’s no video. Well, actually … second problem, and a much bigger one at that. There’s a title on the page that says “Our Video Blog.” I’m sorry … Our? The remaining language on the page makes it look a bit too much as if Lakewood sanctions this as a tool they are using, when it’s rather apparent they are not. Ledesma’s heart may be in the right place … but the plan for this site doesn’t seem to be.

For now, keep an eye on it and see how it grows.

SIDENOTE: Just to be all-inclusive, there’s actually a third problem that I suspect may run into … trademark law. Just depends on how protective is of their name and brand identity (and how good a case they have).

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