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By PaulT / October 22, 2017

Marcos Witt—Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today, there are over 14 million people that live in the United States in the shadows and in fear. I’m talking about the undocumented that are here for one reason or another, but who have not been given legal or official status. I am calling on you to unite with me in a grand mobilization to make this situation change.

The majority of the 14 million are our compatriots: Mexican, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and other Latin Americans. But there are also Asians, and Africans, and other whom we need must bring out of anonymity and signify them into a correct state in society.

I am asking you to unite with me and there for four specific things I ask of you:

* Prayer—Prayer helps much. If you ask our God the Father I know that he can illuminate our legislators and remove the blindfold so they can work in favor a comprehensive immigration reform law. Pray the they be given knowledge. Pray that they lose their fear. Pray that they do not permit wrong political pressures to make wrong decisions. Pray that God give them a sprit of mercy and compassion for these 14 million persons that are contributing to society, that are working, that are helping this country grow. This is the first thing you can do.

* The next thing is that you take your telephone and call people. We all have phones, all you need to do is take a minute and say five words; that is all this is required. Maybe some of you are confused and saying, “how am I going to call these people if I’m one of those 14 million. It will not compromise you at all if you call. You will not be exposed; you will be completely secure. All you have to do is call and say: “I support comprehensive immigration reform.”

This is the first phone number and it is Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful woman in the House of Representatives and her number is: 202-225-4965. Call and if it’s busy, keep calling. If an answering machine answers, leave a message. Five words.

The second number is to Mel Martinez, a Senator and an immigrant himself. He understands what we need for our community because he was in a similar situation and he shouldn’t forget his roots. Martinez is the national director of the Republican Party and is a Senator; so we need to pressure him so that he can move the Republican Party to support immigration reform. His number is 202-2024-3041. Five words.

* The third thing I am asking of you is to sign a petition. We are collecting 10 million signatures around the U.S. By signing, you do not have to give your driver’s license number or your social security number, no address or street, nothing. I only need your signature. Do me that favor. You can visit the website, Download the form called The Petition of the 10 Million People. Download, print, and collect for me signatures of your neighbors, your in-laws, your cousins, of the entire world. Collect those signatures and send those petitions. One note: I need those petitions by March 29th. Don’t forget that we need those signatures in this month of March. The address is:

Dr. Juan Hernandez
4750 Bryant Irvin Rd., Suite 808—PMB#312
Fort Worth, TX 76132

* And the final thing I ask of you is that you become a promoter of this project. Spread our voices. Send this video so that it can be watched by many of your friends. Invite your friends to go to or You Tube or wherever you watched this video, so many more can watch it. Become a promoter so we can collect the 10 million signatures and we will take them to Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Martinez, and we will put them before them and say, “These are the desires of people, the majority of these people vote, and they will not forget who supported the undocumented. When it is time to go to the ballot box, they will not forget if Mrs. Pelosi or Mr. Martinez supports us. If they do not support us, we will not vote for them. They understand that language, so let’s speak their language.

Help me with these signatures. Become a promoter.

* What are the four things?
o Pray
o Call
o Sign the Petition
o Become a promoter

I appreciate you, and the 14 million undocumented that day by day do not have a voice also appreciate you. We must speak, you and I, for those that do not have a voice. And that is what I’m doing today.

My name is Marcos Witt, I’ve enjoyed speaking to you. I ask for your support. Till next time.

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