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YouTube Tuesday: Newsboys “He Reigns”

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Well, here we are at the final YouTube Tuesday before the Newsboys hit Lakewood:

Remember, these guys are joining in on the praise & worship during the weekend services prior to the Sunday night event. If you can’t make it out, watch the live services online. And if you miss that, I think you can count on some sort of excerpt here the following Monday.

Anywho, I have to confess that I’ve tried to dive head first into the Newsboys catalog and I’ve failed to find much that demands I load up my MP3 player differently. But I’m old and love bands from the 80s and songs with loud guitar solos. So what do I know?

I’ll still be there. Music is music, after all. And who knows … maybe I’ll find at least a few more songs that force me to add at least a little bit of new stuff to the MP3 player. I may break form and post a few more YouTube/GodTube clips this week to give a more thorough lead-in to the weekend.

SIDENOTE: Two new categories established for the blog: “YouTube Tuesday” and “Monday Video.” ‘Bout time. Now, all you have to do is click the category links in the sidebar to get a full dose of what’s been offered up so far. Or, in my case, I can do a more efficient job of determining what videos I’ve run so far.

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