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YouTube Tuesday: Jonny Lang “Red Light”

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

I’ve been a fan of Jonny Lang’s since his first major release. What’s odd about that is that I’m not a big blues fan. But Jonny’s music stands out on quality. It’d be poetry without words if only there weren’t words just as poetic on top of the music. For a kid that got his break young, he writes with the maturity of someone much, much older.

Even stranger, the one album I skipped over in Lang’s catalog seems to have a nice song that I’ve just recently come to love. “Red Light.”

Lyrics are here.

There was a point in Joel’s sermon this past weekend where he talked about how easy it can be to give up whenever we’re confronted with what seems to be an unfair situation. In other words, creating our own ‘red lights’. But what we do at those red lights makes all the difference. Joel added the story of the shipwrecked man who gave up after his hut – his last refuge on a deserted island – went up in flames. When rescuers arrived, however, he was informed that it was the very smoke from the burning hut that gave them reason to land on the island.

Joel asked us the following: “If our hut is on fire, why not get a bigger vision instead of getting bitter?” What will you do at the next red light life throws at you? Give up? … or sing a song? Listening to Jonny’s song here, I’m thinking it’s a bit easier to do the latter.

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