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YouTube Tuesday: DecembeRadio “Drifter”

By PaulT / November 5, 2017

New band to me here, and I’m already sold on DecembeRadio. Courtesy of a good preview in the Chron, the band is playing in the Clear Lake area on Friday. I’d normally drag someone out to go see the band, but I’ve committed to facilitating a Movie Night that evening.

Lacking the live experience, I’d decided with a pretty high degree of resoluteness that I’d pick up their CD this month. To be specific, I was prepared to march into the Lakewood bookstore on Saturday and procure a copy within a nanosecond of arriving. One problem … the CD wasn’t in stock. Ugh! Barnes & Noble to the rescue? Not quite.

For some odd reason, I had time to burn late Sunday afternoon and headed to the Galleria area. Primarily to hit the two bookstores on the block. I scoured the Borders bookstore in the mall only to discover the CD wasn’t in stock there, either. The record store on the first floor, though, was a much better find. Namely because I didn’t even have to pay an inflated Galleria-style price. Instead, I ended up getting a used CD for less than Amazon.com was willing to resolve my agony. Favor of God? You decide.

Anywho … here’s the band’s signature track, performed acoustically. It really is a great song and I should probably be sick and tired of it by now. Overall, the band is very much a hybrid of modern secular bands like the Black Crowes as well as a variety of heavier southern rock bands back in the 70s. As the interview in the Chron states, that makes it real easy for us oldtimers to dig the musical stylings of these 20-something kids. For a few more musical clips (including the original version of this song), check out their MySpace page.

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