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YouTube Tuesday: “Because of Winn Dixie”

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

I never got around to watching the big movie I’d hoped to see over Thanksgiving Holiday. Just as well, this week is another week. But one of the things that helped alleviate any onset of disappointment was catching a surprisingly good movie on cable.

Not normally, my cup of tea, but “Because of Winn Dixie” is definitely a good movie even for us jaded old adults with no kids around. Nevermind that the movie clearly aims at kids and families. The central message … well, nevermind that. Just watch the movie and see if you’re not as pleasantly surprised as I was.

I recall the movie coming out back in 2005 and putting this one in my “Never” pile of movies to pay good money for. But I’ll admit it here and now: I was wrong. And since I’m in the incorrect market demographic to have ever heard of the book, I should note that it’s a pretty popular bestseller.

The movie trailer is this week’s YouTube entry, but otherwise check a Blockbuster near you for the full DVD.

BTW, the Dove Foundation thought it was pretty good, too. The movie is the first to have the distributors incorporate the Dove Organization’s seal of approval as part of it’s marketing strategy. Browsing the Lakewood bookstore Saturday, I noticed they had a few copies of the movie, complete with the Dove seal. Just in case that sorta thing matters to you.

Oddly, though, the soundtrack CD seems to be lacking in two regards. Dave Matthews is one of the actors in the movie, playing a singing pet-store operator. None of his songs make the cut. I’m not a bit Matthews fan, but it does strike me as odd that the biggest-selling draw would be left off. Likewise, there’s a great Norah Jones song (and I definitly consider myself a fan in this case) in the movie that’s missing. What’s left isn’t bad, though.

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