Yet Another Year on Top

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

» USA Today: Biggest U.S. churches ‘contemporary, evangelical’

In the wake of the … um, challenges … with Church Report’s old lists, Outreach Magazine sticks to some hard math in coming up with their annual report on church attendance. As it turns out, our count is the same as last year’s.

I’ll offer a few other thoughts after posting something on Christianity Today’s feature on Joel Hunter’s use of the internet for his church. But for now, I’ll definitely say that the model employed by Hunter’s Northland and Groeschel’s Lifechurch is commendable. I usually take in a Northland sermon on Sunday during downtime between Lakewood services and there’s a lot I think they do right in developing an online ministry.

Back in 2005, the Texas Monthly feature on Joel Osteen had some mention of what was then a possibility of developing a Lakewood Church in other major cities. Possibly, this was in line with what we see Hillsong doing internationally over the past decade or so. I’m not sure how feasible that approach is, but if there’s one church that could pull it off, I suppose it would be Lakewood. It’ll be interesting to see whether that goal is still on the list of things to do down the road, or if the newer model of online outreach is something being considered.

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