Yaconelli Outtakes, Part 2: Where We Meet Jesus

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

“Messy Spirituality” – pgs. 60-61:

When Jesus Meets Our Past
All of the cards are stacked against the woman at the well. Looking at her long string of bad choices, many could consider her unredeemable, unsalvageable, unteachable, and beyond help. She hasn’t just made a few mistakes; she has lived a lifetime of mistakes, enough to cause most to conclude her life is scarred beyond hope. She comes to the well at the middle of the day because respectable women come in the morning, and she understands that she is no respectable woman.

But Jesus respects her.

Jesus doesn’t see what everyone else sees.

As far as Jesus is concerned, this woman is salvageable, teachable, and redeemable. As far as Jesus is concerned, the woman with no future has a future; the woman with a string of failures is about to have the string broken. Jesus sees her present desire, which makes her past irrelevant.

You don’t suppose, do you, the same could be true for you and me? Our mistakes, our strings of failures, and what everyone else labels unredeemable may actually be redeemable? You don’t suppose the mess we’ve made of our lives can be the place where we meet Jesus? Do you?

As part of yet another great sermon this weekend, one of the points Joel made was learning to grow where we are planted. Learn to see God in our present and be thankful for that which we have in our lives.

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