Wrap Up: “Jesus Brand Spirituality”

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

In finishing up Ken Wilson’s “Jesus Brand Spirituality” this week, I’d kept my eyes open for another minor clip that might amplify some wonderful point or spark some great demand to go pick the book up by anyone that would read it. But in the midst of going through the entire second half of the book, I found it rather difficult to find one small portion that stood on it’s own in a way that didn’t detract from the narrative of the entire book. In other words … you’ll have to read the whole thing.

I absolutely loved reading this book and will probably revisit it again at some point soon. Wilson covers a substantial part of territory where Christianity has been bogged down by other things you have to accept in order to be a good Christian, or to even be an authentic one. For those of us who do accept the premise of evolution, that the way in which the culture wars have been fought are a detriment to the very cause it pretends to fight for, or believe that protecting God’s creation is something we’re still called to do … then you may very well run into a few folks suggesting that you’re not quite the Christian you should be. It’s a stain upon Christianity that it’s come to that. It’s as if, in order to go bowling, you have to lug around a couple of dozen bowling balls instead of the one that matters (and possibly even change smelly bowling shoes after every frame while you’re at it).

Ken Wilson does a great job of painting the picture of Christianity that is meant to be in the context of these issues (minus the bowling). The sermon series that tracks most closely with this book actually seems like a small portion of the book. There’s also a great 8-part sermon series on Science & Faith from 2006 that immediately looks and sounds like a good way to dive a little deeper into the subject.

For now, the best recommendation I can give is just to read this book. And while I’m coming up empty on any particular excerpt to sell that point with, I’m fairly sure I’ll make more than a few references to it from here on out. If time permits over the weekend, I may manage to clip some audio highlights of the Science & Faith series.

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