“What They Do For A Living”

By PaulT / August 2, 2017

I really wish that the YouTube revolution would catch on faster among Christian broadcasters. Jody Brown at Agape Press notes this appearance by Joel on TBN which serves as something of a contrast to the infamous Larry King interview:

What really rings truest from this is the fact that just about anytime you see Joel make headlines anew, the same old characters seem to pop up as having “just discovered” the King interview, or the Christmas airline incident, or the fact that Joel has a nice house … or whatever. It’s just that, at some point, you’ve got to realize that some people just happen to be in a season of their life where they have little more to offer than criticism of people who succeed in winning hearts and minds over to Christ.

At a Compass Class not long ago, Tracy made a plug for praying for Joel & family (and, really, our entire pastoral leadership at Lakewood). Early on, my curiosity was how effectively Joel could withstand the temptations that would come from having the high profile he has – appeals to ego, pride, etc. But there’s a flip side to this as well – the incessant nag of criticism.

UPDATE: The video revolution is now afoot! May have some video to go up this weekend.

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