WendellTunes: “Your Love Flows On”

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

After posting a picture of a then-shaggy maned Pastor Wendell, I figured it’d be a long long time before I had enough leeway to take a cheap shot like that again. Among the best kept secrets is that Wendell Burton not only had a nice run in the theatrical arts, but also cutting records on Pat Boone’s label back in the early days of “Jesus Music.” Straddling the early 80s, the style can take a little getting used to. Fortunately for me, my first albums were from 1978 and I’m still fond of them. So it was an easy task for me.

I’ll get through all of the tunes Wendell blessed me with, but I thought I’d start off with a solo shot – one really good song that stuck with me after spinning them all. I’ll be releasing these tunes roughly one or two per day, so check back often for a musical fix. There’s twenty in all and Wendell was kind enough to suggest I make them available for download. So I’ll do that as well … at least until he realizes the millions that could be made from repackaging these into a mass market Greatest Hits collection.

“Your Love Flows On” is the first song that sticks with me. Great guitar hook running throughout it, so I’m sold. This one was from Wendell’s last album, Heart of Eternity, released in 1985. The album also marks another shot of coolness in my book due to the fact that one of the guitar-players credited on the album is Dann Huff. Bit of music trivia here … that’s a HUGE name. Most music trivia buffs might agree to that based on Huff’s credits as a hit producer, cranking out great albums by rock and country artists alike. For my taste, I think it’s pretty cool because I remember Dann’s days in Whiteheart and in the more commercial band, Giant. Back then, he was just a superb studio guitarist who showed up on scores of other albums.

Oh yeah, and Wendell ain’t so bad himself. Check it out …

Want the MP3? Here ya go! And if you want to listen in on some of Wendell’s latest tunes, you can do that too.

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