Weird Wednesday

By PaulT / June 12, 2017

So I didn’t make it to either of the informational meetings about the Lakewood internships. My bad, completely. As it turns out, I had attempted to leave for church early. But my laptop has an annoying habit of skipping back an hour when it’s been overworked. So my effort to leave at 5:30 meant I was really doing so at 6:30. And then some last minute work stuff kicked in that kept me even later. Such luck. When my boss learns that he’s kept me from church, he initially feels bad, but I had to inform him that, if I wanted to bolt out, I would have. The series on “Family Matters” is good stuff … but I’m still a single guy. So there’s a tad less urgency felt on my part, I admit.

As it turns out, though, I had to get to church regardless – I needed to get at least the CD from last weekend’s sermon (mission accomplished). And I also wanted to peruse the bookstore at a leisurely pace – something I’d not had time to do in months. I arrived with about 10-15 minutes left in the service, grabbed a seat (literally) in the back of the sanctuary. It was an intresting perspective to watch a Wednesday service from. While I’m watching Marcos on the big screen most of the time, there’s still an essence you get from watching the stage that’s rather attention-getting. Like Joel, Marcos has a good stage presence that keeps your attention drawn up front. I happened to be seated near a very noisy kid trying to get her mother’s attention for most of the time I’m there. So as sparse as the crowd is in the back, there’s a lot going on this night.

It’s also easier to notice the folks trying to leave early during the altar call from this perspective. Ironic since few of the people trying to get out early aren’t coming from the section up front, where I normally sit. That’s something I can clearly appreciate about sitting up close now. But still, the handful of us folks sitting near the back are standing, praying, and applauding those accepting God for the first time and/or recommiting themselves. So even on the backbenches, there’s some loyal folks.

What strikes me as ironic is that, for a Wednesday crowd of maybe 8,000, there’s really not a lot of “traffic” as we know it that has to be beaten by leaving early. I’ve left Aeros games with crowds in that range and it’s nothing for the parking lot to thin out within 15-20 minutes. I’ve managed to bump into a few people here and there who expressed interest in visting Lakewood, but balked at what they perceive as heavy traffic. There’s a simple solution to this – take in a Saturday night service (or even a Wednesday service if you’re not hung up on just seeing Joel preach). The only time traffic is an issue, that I’ve seen, is either leaving the early Sunday service or arriving for the 11am Sunday service. That’s clearly peak time around Richmond & Edloe. But there’s numerous ways to beat that rush.

So anyway … not a lot to recap from Wednesday. I broke down and picked up the Chris Tomlin live CD in addition, so I’ve got my musical fix for the month. I still need to get a copy of Lucado’s book, but I’m not yet done reading my book of the month this month. Fifty or so pages to go, though. I’m just getting flooded with books practically thrown at me for reading, so the book schedule is rather chaotic as of late. I’m otherwise occupied Saturday night, so I’m hoping to make up for it on Sunday by taking in either or both services as well as the Sunday Compass Classes. Time’ll tell if I’m successful with that plan, though. There may yet be an opening in my Saturday timeline that lets me get over for the Compass Class, and then hightail it over to my other event – some 4th of July time with friends.

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