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By PaulT / December 25, 2017

A few immediate thoughts to put down for the time being, even though the whole weekend has given me a good deal more to digest.

Compass Class:
Always great to see Todd Hull back in town and teaching. He’s one of the better volunteers I think Lakewood has teaching and the limitations of the clock always seem to hold him back a bit. This week, it was the second part of a teaching on “Sowing and Reaping.” That’s an area that I think anyone born-again or recommitting their faith would be wise to tune in closely to in their walk with Christ. It’s clearly an area that I could rattle off a number of examples not only during the last half year of paying closer attention to it, but also during any point in the past.

Sermon: “The Power of Your Bloodline”
If this sermon were a glass of water, I’d probably be drinking endlessly. Did my usual pickup of the CD after the sermon, but also managed to catch a webcast of a Sunday service as well as playing the audio on the portable machine a couple of times as well. That’s a lot of intake.

I don’t think I can do the sermon justice by attempting a recap while drained and tired, so I’ll save that for later. Just a good, uplifting sermon. But there were a few points in it that, I believe, run contra to several of the issues taken with Joel Osteen’s theology. Dunno … maybe it could just be that while reading some early chapters of Beth Moore’s “Believing God,” there were some significant overlaps in message that really seemed to fortify a few things rather strongly. Primary among them is our degree of belief or unbelief in what God says about us … who we are in the Body of Christ.

One little clip deserves a quick transcription, though:

Where last week’s sermon focused on the natural, physical legacy we leave for those around us, this week focused more on the spiritual bloodline caused when Paul wrote”If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

But like I said … more on both this past sermon as well as last week’s later in the week.

An unusually good followup this week, since it dovetailed nicely from the sermon. The chapter focused on was “Learn to Listen” and our fearless group leader finally dared combine two tables to accomodate her own evangelistic growth in recruitment. So instead of the 8 or so folks around a table, we somehow found room for 16, including a lot of newbies. I had my doubts for how much we’d get into conversation with such a large group, but somehow it ended up rather productive. The added mix of new folks combined with the quantity present at our group made for a good diversity of input. Also noteworthy was that a lot of the folks were from Houston’s Second Baptist and certainly made a positive impression for their church. All in all, it seemed like a bigger crowd after the holiday lull in attendance.

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