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By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Yep, a busy weekend. And the day job looks to be heading into something approximating 24/7 status for the next month. But the weekend was still eventful. If only I had time to blog it all. Just got back from the CityFest and I was mildly impressed with the whole affair. Chris Tomlin, on the other hand, was easily the most impressive aspect of the event. I managed to get there during Wynonna’s set, when she was singing her version of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is.” Apparently someone told her to just work in every song about love, a CCM hit, and a add gospel hymn moment. I still have no clue what the logic was in having her there, but I guess it’s not as eyebrow-raising as inviting Judas Priest in that spot. Tomlin’s set was too brief – under an hour. But it’s hard to leave disappointed after his set. A coupla new tunes, a lot of the Arriving material that now serves as his bread and butter.

Luis Palau struck me as an odd sort to be in the Christian festival promotion industry, but apparently he’s far better a promoter than he is a public speaker. The guy raised nearly $4 mill in private dough to put on the show. Marketing was top notch on all mediums. The festival didn’t lack for much of anything. Palau spoke for about 45 minutes after Wynonna. I’m probably the worst candidate for judging salvation sermons. I tend to relate a bit too easily to Donald Miller’s tales of going to such events every summer with his friends and getting “saved” every year with a group of friends. There’s always something about the whole setup that strikes me as a bit difficult to swallow. But I’m sure that at least some of the folks who raised their hands to accept Christ were sincere … so who am I to judge that? We need ’em all.

The weekend saw a whole lot of me at work. That helped drag me out of bed early enough to get an audio clip of Aimee Beard’s performance at church over the weekend. It was actually a repeat of her take on “Why Not Trust God Again.” Great song, so I spent a wasteful hour or so trying to find a good program to record streaming video. Had a bit of luck, but didn’t feel the urge to drop the cash to buy the licensed version. The trial version has a big ol watermark right in the middle of the video, so there’s nothing really useful from that whole endeavor. Still, I’ve got a very tinny audio clip that suffices for now. In a few weeks, I look forward to it making the broadcast so I can get a better quality clip of it. Reminds me, I actually put in some time organizing and cataloging the audio I’ve gotten from the Lakewood Choir & Orchestra. Turns out that, for all my subtle gripes about not having new tunes of Cindy with Michael Hodge blaring in the background, I actually have more tunes than any new CD would otherwise have. Which reminds me of something more … next week’s broadcast should have a showstopping performance of Michael & Carrie Hodge on it.

Speaking of the best kept secret at Lakewood (ok, fine … one of many), I hit the Celebrate Recovery group Friday night expecting to see the Hodges leading a mini Choir & Orchestra. Instead we had a guest band: The Joshua Project, out of Victoria, TX. Great little inconvenience if you ask me. A bit younger-than-average band, Tomlin-esque style tunes, but with a bit more electric guitar work thrown in. Be sure to check them out if you ever have an excuse to do so.

Saturday? The usual … Compass Class, service, and Koinonia. Kudos to Dale for bravely sporting the karaoke mic while some cameras from a German TV station buzzed about. Ultimately, I need to get back in the habit of getting the CDs from the sermons. The cheapskate within me seems to love getting the audio my own way, two weeks later. But I do miss going into a bit more depth on the sermons while it’s fresher on the mind. Not that the overscheduled workload allows for much of anything like that, though. Ah well, November means a little rest and relaxation. Maybe.

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