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Wednesday Sermon :: What Every Believer Should Know (Part 4) – Lisa Comes

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

I should start off with a post about the latest service since it’s the one that prompted me to get going with this blog. Admittedly, I’d toyed with the idea earlier. I’ve been a blogger on other matters, so it was hardly a stretch for me to do so in regards to my own renewed relationship with Christ. The only questions really outstanding for me were whether this would be the best way to grow in my own walk with the Lord. After hearing Lisa Comes’ sermon on our gifts and finding our place in the Body of Christ, however, I couldn’t hold back any longer. The sermon spoke rather authoritatively on our need to find our place in the Body of Christ and for whatever faults I may have as a writer, polemicist, persuader, or whatever … I think there’s some application of whatever gift I may have that needs to move through this vehicle.

Mind you, I don’t necessarily fancy myself some gifted writer or that I possess the ability to do great and wonderful things with my writing. But this works for me. I’m a bit better at organizing my thoughts in writing and I do tend to write with a bit of introspection, so I do believe those aspects will come in handy. Whether this meager little blog helps only me in my own walk or others with their own remains to be seen. For now, I’m content to let it help me with mine. We’ll see what the future holds for us down the road.

So anyways, on to Lisa’s sermon. Regretably, this post comes at the tail end of a series of sermons on “What Every Believer Should Know.” Fortunately, the Wednesday sermons have the notes available online (the 9/14 notes are located here). Lisa, as well as brother Paul Osteen, have been covering points involving what happens when we accept Christ. The previous 8 points covered were:

1. We got saved.
2. We were born again in our spirits.
3. We were forgiven and our past was completely erased.
4. We received eternal life.
5. We became children of God.
6. We became temples of the Holy Spirit.
7. We were given the privilege to bear the Name of Jesus.
8. We were given the privilege of using the Name of Jesus.

Tonight’s sermon picks up on … you guessed it … #9:

Your Place Of Ministry In The Body Of Christ:
9. When we accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, we became a part of the Body of Christ.
I Corinthians 12:27, Ephesians 1:22-23, Ephesians 4:3-16

The section of the sermon that springs from Ephesians 4:3-16 hits most directly on the message I took from it, so here’s the excerpt in full:

Here’s a transcript of Lisa touching on this:

This leads wonderfully into Ephesians 2:10:

The power of that message fits with a few strengths I can relate to over my own life. Professionally, I’d learned that my strengths were in seeing where there was an opening with the people I was working with and filling the niche left open. Every successful team venture I’d been a part of has that in common. So when Lisa follows up with the command that we find our place of ministry within the Body of Christ, it registered very easily with me. Still, it’s a daunting call. This isn’t Wal Mart we’re trying to fit into … it’s the Body of Christ. Still, I gave myself a challenge when I committed to Lakewood: I wouldn’t disappear into some back row seat and be an invisible member. That puts a bit of a burden on me to find my place to fit in and be an effective part of the church. One I’m still working on.

Two more bits of Scripture help this take root:
Romans 12: 4-8:

1 Peter 4:10:

Lisa sums it up:

And that brings us to the birth of this blog … personality and all.

Intertwined with Lisa’s sermon were a few lessons about how our life experiences – good and bad – help make us the people we are and how these experiences allow us to minister in our own unique way. One of the examples Lisa gives is of Tongela Clark, Lakewood member and author of “Dropped Out, But Not Knocked Out.” The point being that our life experiences create the means by which we bring a unique and growing experience with Christ to the overall body. It’s a great way of putting our negative life experiences in perspective. As Lisa quotes Tongela: “God turned my mess into a message.” So, perhaps coincidentally, I found myself scribbling down a particular passage of Scripture that seemed to speak to me prior to service. I got interrupted as the music started up, so I stopped writing about halfway through. But once I realized where the sermon was headed, I flipped back in my journal and made sure to finish it off:

John 9:1-3

And that pretty accurately sums up where I intend to go with this here blog. What has happened to me will be used so that the work of God might be displayed in my life. It’s my hope that there’s an audience out there that grows from this blog and that allows me to grow from the interaction of this online format. So feel free to ask questions, offer whatever greater insight you have to offer, etc. The comments section of each post allows that to be done easily.

For now, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one more step. So it’ll be a gradual encounter we have here. Feel free to bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed if you know what that means. I hope whoever finds this enjoys it.

Note: Sermon transcripts are limited by my own ability to accurately transcribe. Any errors are mine. I promise to inquire at some point in time about posting MP3 clips of services to help offer the best possible summary.

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