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By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Before I begin by recapping what a horrible mistake I made before hitting church Wednesday night, I should point out that the praise & worship was awesome … as was Marcos’ message. My plan, going in, was to leave work early, return a DVD, grab a bite to eat, still arrive at church early enough to just sink into a good seat and catch up on some reading. All that was supposed to build up into a nice crescendo of enjoying the heck out of Wednesday night at Lakewood.

A minor mistake leading into all this was that my ideal of leaving the office at 5:30 became the reality of leaving at 6:00. Fine, not the end of the world. I can just inhale a meal and everything will be good enough. That part, I managed to do just fine. But in the process of doing so, I click the MP3 player to a sermon I’d meant to listen to the night before. It would seem that I’m always trying to catch up on something.

That brings me to my bigger mistake … the sermon was one of those rare highlight kinda sermons that just sticks with you in a lot of different ways and starts to mess with your mind in the best of ways. I’m sure I’ve now beaten my MP3 player to a pulp by jamming the rewind button down for minutes at a time to give something a second listen.

Why is this such a bad thing, you may be asking? Well, all this meant that I arrived at church, book waiting to be read … and all I can do is just dare not to crack it open. I tried forcing myself to do so. But almost immediately, I put it down and read through the Bible passages from the sermon. Technically, it was just a quick read through Jonah. Short book of the Bible. Not enough time marked off in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, now … there are fewer things I love doing at Lakewood than just listening to the final rehearsals before service. It’s just that I much prefer to do so with a book in hand and nose somewhat buried in it as I listen. So it wasn’t any kind of waste. Just more the case that I’m awful at sitting still. Dreadedly awful. I pace at the bus stop. I pace around the (small) office when I need to get away from my PC. I never leave home without something to read for fear of finding myself with nothing to do. I’m assuming this makes me part shark in that I always have this need to keep moving … mentally, if not physically. But usually some odd combination of both.

So for the better part of a solid 30 minutes, I just sat there. To me, that’s just painful.

The fortunate side of this is that praise & worship was still awe-inspiring. Greg Boyd’s sermons on worship have been great in re-instilling an appreciation of this. So maybe all wasn’t lost. Or, for that matter … maybe nothing was lost at all. There’s something to be said for just sitting still and soaking up the lesson from a good sermon, just that I’m used to doing that late at night. Often, right before heading to bed for the night.

I’ll save a recap of the sermon in question for later, but for anyone interested in a listen, it’s Joel Hunter’s “A Whale of an Attitude.”

For now, there’s one minor highlight I’d like to echo from the service we had. Since I usually take a moment to point my little bitty flashlight that I think is a spotlight on some singer with a beautiful voice, a choir full of great singers, or musicians with a load of talent and a lot of great spirit … the thought occurred that I rarely have an opportunity to highlight our main drummer, Jonathan Camey. Just a brief clip in here of him at about the 4:00 mark. But it’s shot very well (yay camera team!) and just shows off Jonathan very well. I’m told that both he and brother Joel are extremely (multi-)talented musicians and great guys. This only has about 10 seconds or so to witness a bit of that, but barring a drum solo at a Lakewood service, I’ll take what I can get.

Enjoy …

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