Wednesday Praise & Worship –

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

To God goes the glory … and to whoever was within earshot of me during worship service last night, goes my apologies.

I actually forgot that we were having a full praise & worship service. Let’s just say the whole thing hit just the right spot. It’s busy season at the day job, so I’m pretty much dragging myself into church these days. Some great song selection, some great vocals, some great new twists to the ensemble setup, some Michael Hodge opening the whole thing with a little e-bow action, some jaw-dropping moments by Steve & Da’Dra … it all added up to a wonderful and refreshing time.

I’m generally among those who cringe a bit when someone near me is singing wonderfully off-key, but I had the pleasure of sitting near one woman who managed that feat with such volume, dignity, and fearlessness, that I was actually encouraged by it during this service. That, added to the fact that the service itself was just the cup of water I needed, probably might not have meant the same to anyone within earshot of the two of us.

My bad. Next time, I’ll add my own guitar solo noises. Let’s see how well THAT goes over.

If the office PC is acting normally, I’ll see if there’s a video clip or two worth adding. Been having a few issues with it that made me switch to worry mode as I thought, “I might have to store this one in my own memory.”

UPDATE: Well, as luck would have it, I’m going to have to go with memory on this one. In all the busyness that is work, the computer was manned by another after I left. Seems they only saw fit to close one program … the one that records the webcast. Yeah, that’s steam coming out of my ears. Had a great idea of something to do for my little guitar celebration toward the end of the year that I needed the video from for it to work. Ugh … fortunately, God always has a Plan B. After a few hours of record-setting disgruntlement, I’ll be sure to inquire about that.

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