Wednesday Night Show & Tell

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Ndidi for putting names to the voices …

Do I have some video clips from Wednesday to share, or what? I can’t say enough good things about Wednesday’s praise & worship, but I’ll try to unpack at least a few dozen kind words here. Between getting the chance to see what Michael Mellett can do up front, seeing some of the ensemble singers get a moment to show their talent, and finally – FINALLY – getting a nice little showcase moment for Randy Allison on the sax, it was a very special treat for what I can only presume is a fair portion of the regular attendees that enjoy all of the musical talent we get to listen to.

Now, sadly, I have no names for two of the ensemble singers that get some run here. I meant to nag any of the ensemble/band members that I know on my way out, but never quite got the chance (well, unless I wanted to interrupt Fiona’s conversation … which I didn’t). So I’m appealing to the readership to help me out with names yet again.

First up is the first song of the night, where we got a taste of things to come in the form of sharing the spotlight on stage. UPDATE: Silvanus J. LaToison is the ensemble singer here.

Then, there’s Randy’s extended sax solo toward the second half of “How Great Is Our God.” I think he could have strung this out for another five minutes or so and those in attendance would still have been applauding it.

Last up is a lead-in from one of the ensemble singers, in this case, kicking off “God He Reigns” …

UPDATE: Elizabeth Varughese is the ensemble singer here.

Again: Names, people … I need names!UPDATE:Nevermind, I’m now content 😉

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