Victoria Osteen on the Local News

By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Total coincidence that I leave the TV on the local ABC affilliate when they have a segment entitled “Top Women of Religion.” Of particular interest, of course, was Lakewood’s own Victoria Osteen. But also mentioned in the story was Joyce Meyer, who was recently in town for a book signing. I’m a bit shocked that they missed out on Beth Moore at First Baptist. Granted, she doesn’t have a television gig beaming her sermons and studies worldwide, but her Tuesday classes are rather well-attended from what I’m told and she does have a bit of influence beyond H-town thanks to some decent-selling books.

On the whole, though, the coverage was fair, but a bit thin. About the only “edgy” bit of news was mentioning that several sects do not feel women should be the head of a ministry (based on 1 Timothy 2:12). Joyce Meyer is clearly out front on that one. But even within evangelical circles (where spiritual callings tend to be more egalitarian), many churches accomodate one way or another. Victoria, for instance, doesn’t seem to take on a pastoral role at Lakewood. Beth Moore doesn’t seem to serve as a pastor, but as a Bible Study teacher (as do several wonderful folks teaching at Lakewood’s Compass Classes). Joyce Meyer … I’ll leave her to the dogmatists to fight over. As for the locals, I’ve got no problem with Victoria hitting the stage and leading a prayer or two each service and Dodie Osteen is always a joy to take in as well, as she’s always been.

On a tangential note, I’m fairly certain that I’ve got Beth Moore’s “Believing God” set as my December book of the month. So I’ve got that to look forward to … controversy be damned.

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