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By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Giving credit where it’s due, the email notifications coming out of Lakewood have gotten polished off as of late. Also a bit more informative. Good to see. Now if we can get the same done for the Koinonia alerts, that’d be even better. Still, here’s a sample of some of the things coming up from a few different emails and other announcements:

This Weekend: Special focus on families for this service. Compass classes are currently studying “How to be Connected to God.” I’m on super-duper, double effort to make it to church on time for classes. Attendance has been sporadic for these and I’m not entirely happy with that.

Koinonia: Musical guest scratched for Astros game. With apologies for the scheduled artist, Sheila Moore, good move. Once more, I anticipate attendance taking a bit of a hit due to the game Saturday. Showing it at the Loft is just a good way of letting those of us who want to take in Church, yet also care greatly about the Astros pull off both in one sitting. It’d be a bit of a letdown for a musical guest to see what little crowd there may be completely evaporate as some of us exit to find our Astros fix.

Wednesday, Oct. 26 Lakewood’s own Israel Houghton and his band, New Breed, will premiere their new album “Alive in South Africa” in concert for this Wednesday night service, October 26th. The album releases this Tuesday and will be available in the Bookstore and Resource Centers.

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