What would a joy filled and purpose filled day look like to you? I believe that you can have that today. How many times have you just gone through the motions at work, looking at the clock every chance you get? How would you like to start looking at your day of work or school or whatever it may be in a new way? Well, if you want your day to be different you might want to change how you start it.

What would it be like if you never let love and faithfulness leave you? I think people would enjoy being around you even more than they already do! Or, maybe they don’t at all enjoy being around you right now but they could start if you allowed love and faithfulness to overwhelm you. How would you like to be a likable person to other people and… are you ready? God! That could change everything for you today, that is if you make some changes.

Have you ever talked about the past and thought of a different way of handling a situation? Hindsight is 20/20, right? Something that may help you to make the right decision the first time is to have sound judgement and discernment. Or, get to know someone who has the gift of discernment. My wife, Sara is amazing at discernment. I have grown to really trust her judgement in situations that call for us to make both big decisions and small decisions. As I continue to see life play out, I see that she has been right most of the time. Usually when we are in a situation that isn’t all too great, it’s because of me. Part of discernment is being able to step back out of your own biases and see the big picture of whatever situation you are in. Oh, and by the way, prayer helps! Having sound judgement and discernment doesn’t happen overnight. Heck, I don’t think I am even close to having it. Work at it and pray.

Everyone likes a generous person. Are you in a position to help someone who needs help? Don’t wait until tomorrow, do it now! It really is that simple.

Lastly, live today for God for He is the only thing worth living for.

Have a happy Wednesday from yours truly.

*All Scripture quoted from the 1984 NIV

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