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Your Best Life Now: Excerpt #1 “Dare to Believe For Greater Things”

By PaulT / October 9, 2017

(Pg. 76-77) Dare to Believe for Greater Things Will you dare to start believing God for greater things? God doesn’t want you to drag though life, barely making it. He doesn’t want you to have to scrimp and scrape, trying to come up with enough money to pay for food, shelter, transportation, to pay your […]


Yancey Excerpt: Of Vines and Branches

By PaulT / September 28, 2017

Just another outtake that I loved reading … If I find no self-evident reason for God’s silence in my checklist, I move on. I look on periods of blankness in prayer much as I look on suffering. It does little good, I have found, to spend much time dwelling on the “Why?” questions. The Bible […]


What’s New: Jacque DeShetler CD

By PaulT / July 25, 2017

We’re sorry, your Flash browser plug-in appears to be out-of-date. Please visit for a quick upgrade. Just posting some demo tracks from Jacque DeShetler’s new CD, Signal. Review coming up overnight. UPDATE: Well, would you believe “Saturday, instead of overnight?” Yeah, got home a little more tired than I thought I was. Blogging takes […]