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By PaulT / December 19, 2017

Well, my day was going nicely until I realized my cellphone service would be testing my patience for the day. Apparently, it’s been down since Friday – much to my annoyance. We all have our trials, I suppose.

Anyways, the night began with a great Compass Class, this time taught by Tracy. I should have known I was being set up as the brunt of some joke early on. The setup comes from another one of Tracy’s wonderful theatrical examples, this time not involving rocks. Five of us volunteers (I feel that I should point out that I was volunteered, however – clue #1) get brought up to the front of the class. As each is asked what our favorite Bible verse is, we get a candy bar … a Payday, to be precise. I’m last among the five (clue #2). I give my answer and Tracy dutifully informs me that she’s out of candy bars. Injustices like these are not soon forgotten.

From there, the lesson itself involved ways to remain positive when we’re thrown an occassional negative in life. As we were given a few practical ideas to go about doing that, the last point was a lesson from Galatians 6:4 – “Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself, without comparing himself to somebody else.” Ironically, a verse that’s among my favorites. A lot of times, we fail to realize that God is working on us according to His timing, not ours. And the reward we have for that process is unique compared to what we often see around us. It’s easy to look around us and see things that others accomplish and wonder why we somehow got overlooked for a similar outcome. It might be situations at work, in relationships, recreation, or all of the above. But in the process of waiting, in putting action behind our faith, and in letting God put us through the trial we need to go through in order to come out where He wants us, we sometimes get impatient and either lose sight of God’s plan or fail to recognize it altogether.

Again, Tracy has a great way of demonstrating her point. This time, it was by awarding me a 100 Grand candy bar. Touching, ain’t it? If memory serves correct (a 50-50 proposition if there ever was one), I believe Tracy is teaching next Saturday as well. Make it out if you can. She may or may not feed the class with candy, but there’s always a little bit of a surprise that’s worth coming out for.

Sidenotes for the Day:

  • Frank Lockwood reviews “Facing the Giants” and came away impressed. Of more relevance is that it looks like Frank went in with some of the same reservations I tend to have about Christian films … and still came away impressed. I’m a sucker for a good football movie, and the film is playing at Edwards Cinema Greenway. Think I’ll try and catch it Saturday before church next week.
  • Got a message last week that Lakewood is finally putting together a volunteer team of tech & graphic artist types. Meeting Wednesday before church. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store.
  • Another reason to come out Wednesday … Jim Graff is giving the sermon and signing his new book afterwards. Ironic timing with regard to this. I was at work alone late on Friday and decided to flip on some TV to have some noise in the background. I stopped on TBN as Jim Graff was being interviewed on Praise the Lord. I’ve got a clip of Jim’s earlier PTL appearance from the show taped at Lakewood. But this one was a bit more focused on Jim’s book, A Significant Life. What little I paid attention to piqued my interest a bit more for getting the book. I also flipped through it briefly at the bookstore Saturday, so getting a copy Wednesday is a cinch. Graff is also the founder of The Significant Church Network, which has a great goal of increasing the effectiveness of rural/small church ministries across the nation.
  • A little bit more down the calendar, but high atop my list of things to do and see, there’s this from the church bulletin:Creative Arts SummitOctober 20 (6:30 – 10pm) & October 21 (8am – 3pm)The Loft and 4th Floor ClassroomsWhether you are a seasonsed professional or an aspiring artist, come develop your skills as you fellowship with other ‘believer-artists’. Performances by Carrie & Michael Hodge, The Lakewood Players, Dance Ad Deum, Lakewood Dance Company, A.D. Player Children’s Worship and other artists. Classes and worship tracks in Acting, Songwriting, Dance, Writing, Multi-Media, Visual Arts, Music Production, Human Video, Stagecraft, and Video production. $35 cost includes lunch. Register by Oct. 1 for $25.Register at the Bookstore. (Childcare not provided)Umm … that performance by Carrie & Michael alone is worth $25. Doesn’t matter if they only do one song. Consider me booked for this. Granted, I’m also intrigued to see what they’ve got to offer for video production, writing, multimedia, and visual arts.
  • Not quite as far down the calendar, the next Men’s Regional Breakfasts are set for October 14th. Maybe this time, I won’t be rained out.

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