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Name: Greg Wythe
Church: Ecclesia Church - Houston, TX
Role: Member

Thanks for your interest in this little nook of the blogosphere. I began this blog on September 15, 2005 after finding a church home at Lakewood the previous July. Initially, the blog served as an outlet for organizing a thought or two that came from deepening my own Christian faith in said home. It has evolved over time as other demands on my time have evolved. I've since changed church membership to Ecclesia Church in Houston.

There's a lot of ground I don't find enough time to cover, even though they interest me deeply: the sermons of Greg Boyd, Rob Bell, and Joel Hunter; re-learning the electric guitar; the writing of Eugene Peterson, NT Wright, and the aforementioned Greg Boyd. Oh, and basset hounds.

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  1. I really appreciate your blog for it’s candor, enthusiasm, and expertise. I wish I had your knowledge of music to describe the specifics of the amazing musical performances here. I just know that, in the year I have attended Lakewood, praise services get better and better and the synergy between, choir, singers, and musicians is at an all-time high. Last Sunday I was mesmerized by the jazz-like instrumental piece, charmed by the singer’s Belafonte vibe in “Is There Anything to Hard for the Lord”, and overcome by the segue from Spanish to English in “Glorificate”. I am almost afraid to think of the holy devastation they will reak Easter weekend! The devil is sure to have a terrible hang-over on Monday.

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