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A minor recap of sorts from another wonderful night at Ecclesia with Gideon Tseng. Gideon was the first preacher I'd heard at Ecclesia back in July, so I knew we were all in for a treat. This time, of course, I'd be managing the video presentation. I'm not sure if I realized how daunting that was for whoever did this back in July. Two video clips, a pretty intricate series of slides to be queued up and none of the familiarity that I've gained from Chris Seay's presentation style. Somehow, everything went off without a hitch.

The strand of thought from Gideon's message that still resonates with me is how we often put ourselves on a mission for information at the expense of community. Safe to say, I saw myself in that part of the message. The whole thing made me appreciate the sense of community that does exist in our cloistered AV booth, though. As was the situation at Lakewood, community sometimes finds you in unexpected places. And the team I'm blessed to work with at Ecclesia is a thrill to be a part of.

Still, the original point was driven home with this little video clip. As a news junkie, I found it to be the most mortifying piece of video ever shown in an American church. As soon as I come to my senses, I'm going to delete a few old RSS feeds from my Google Reader account (or at least seriously think about doing so).

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