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A Sustaining Force

Apologies for the latest unplanned hiatus. Been a heck of a month as Houston took it's time deciding whether or not we were going to have our usual two weeks of winter before concluding this week that we indeed were. The end result is that I've spent more time at less-than-100% than I care to. That's impacted a number of the habits I've been hoping to get back on track with. I hope you're all doing better than I am on that score.

One item that did alert me to the fact that it might be a worthwhile excuse to update with is the video below (and the news story here). I've been on the fence about carrying on the usual "faith & politics" updates. On the one hand, it's not particularly a battle I had wanted to spend a lot of time on when I left Lakewood. But the other hand is that it is a topic that I do happen to share another view of than many who reside somewhere in the evangelical/evangelical-ish camp. I doubt that an appearance at the National Prayer Breakfast, calling his Christian faith "a sustaining force" will quiet the usual conspiracy theorists in that camp, it's at least a point that deserves to be held up for any honest folk who genuinely look for the reality of the situation. With that ...

One other contributing factor to not particularly caring to get back into the faith & politics wars is that the move to Ecclesia has been every bit as rewarding as hoped. And a large part of that was the outcome of the fact that my decision to make the switch in churches was due to the fact that I knew I didn't care to take up the aforementioned battle within Lakewood. It just wasn't the expense of my time that I cared to make on behalf of spiritual growth. Serving and learning at Ecclesia, on the other hand, have been precisely the antidote that I'd hoped it would be. Growing in that direction is a much more rewarding option, in my mind.

That said, 2012 is right around the corner. I'm sure that another season of crazy isn't going to take a complete detour.

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