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A Post-Holiday Cheer Two-fer

» Matt Outlaw: let's love everyone? how controversial!

The leader of our fearless AV booth apparently had the same holiday cheer I did with Derek Webb's interview on Huffington Post. Unlike me, Matt read the followup commentary from others. And it should surprise nobody that when Derek Webb speaks of turning Jesus' words into real life, that irritates a lot of people. Unfortunately, it's our fellow Christians ...

The interview was called a "dangerously anti-Christian, anti-Gospel, let's-love-everybody worldview" by @mississippimama on twitter. When it's actually closer to the gospel than most would think. When someone, even an artist, puts love/relationships/understanding above religious ideology, what does that mean? Most of Derek's critics obviously believe that this makes your faith weak, that you've compromised God's standard for the sake of being accepted by the world. I say, your faith is stronger, because you know that God's "got this," and you can concentrate on loving, building relationships, and understanding those around you, knowing their heart. How are you honoring Jesus by grasping your bible and saying, "God's word says homosexuality is wrong," when you have not loved your neighbor AS YOURSELF. This is why Derek would say, "Christians can stop pretending that they're so different." This may get you worked up, but you know it in your heart to be true. But if this is how we respond, we need to stop pointing that self-righteous finger and look within. Does a faith in God prevent you from loving some people, and finding common ground with them? Trust me, I have way more in common with a struggling individual, than a supposed righteous one.

Related to none of this, but to simply highlight another moment of holiday cheer, I offer a clip from the day-after Christmas service at Ecclesia. I was a bit under the weather, so I had to skip the live version. Imagine my amusement when I realized that the AV club is much the topic of conversation at this service.

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In a strange way, the two items probably do connect. Imperfection is all around us and it's up to us to reconcile those imperfections in a community environment. That starts with our own imperfections.

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  1. Yes, I need to comment. I agree with the statement that we need to put aside our ‘religious’ ideology and realized God’s ‘got this!’. I think the Father does a great job without our interference. Somewhere we forgot our roles in that we need to let our lights shine (live our Godly lives) and share the ‘good news’, which is the love of Christ with others. Glad someone is painting this clear picture like myself regardless of those who want to inflict hatred and judgement. Church folks instead of judging, point people to God who is the ultimate judge except he judges in love.

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