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Welcome Back, Blogger

Apologies for the delay in checking back in. Election work is now done. It didn't go quite as hoped, but live and learn. I've had it on my to-do list to get back in the blogging habit with this fair blog, but I've been bogged down with wrapping up the last gig and switching gears for the next one. The other blog has also gotten a bit more attention since it may very well be part of that "next one."

One of the other things I'm in dire need of rectifying is getting back into the podcast habit with sermons from around the world. I've managed to catch some sporadic updates from Greg Boyd, Rob Bell, and Joel Hunter, but it's been hit or miss. As luck would have it, I've brought in a bit of the computer equipment I normally stash at the office and set it up at home. Now I'm wondering when I'll ever leave home. In fact, I have yet to turn on the TV here at home thanks to Hulu being a lot better with my big monitor.

In between sitcom reruns, I've been plodding forward with some missed sermons. First up, is an August sermon from Rob Bell on aging. Not exactly one of those messages that I look forward to. And also one that contained a lot of unanticipated pleasure in listening to. One of the examples Bell offers on the wisdom of age is set up with a video of Johnny Cash covering a song written by Trent Reznor ...

Bell's postscript to the video struck me as something worth remembering in the aftermath of my 43rd birthday.

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