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Kingdom Exceptionalism

I usually find some perverse level of inquisitiveness over what pastors and churches are preaching around election time. Lakewood had generally been a welcome respite for not having it's toes dipped in political waters and Ecclesia is now a very welcome home listening to Chris Seay preaching about the Jesus Way instead of the American Way (or any other way, for that matter).

With that said, Brian Zahnd's latest is also a welcome testimony from points elsewhere:

When the day is done the “Hooray-for-our-Team-we’re-the-Exception-we’re-number-one!” American may just be a bigger patriot than I am. I’m not anti-America. Far from it. America is a wonderful country. A great place to live. It’s my home and I’m happy to live here. I celebrate much of American culture and achievement. It’s just that my faith for saving the world lies elsewhere. I believe the world already has a Savior. So I’m passionately ambivalent about the machinations of politics. Which is not to say I’m irresponsible. I’m not! A real commitment to live a life formed by Christian ethics will make any serious Jesus follower profoundly socially responsible. This is true from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

The kingdom of God doesn’t have a social strategy—the kingdom of God is a social strategy. It is the social expression of the Christian confession, Jesus is Lord. Amen.

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