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On a Day Between Lizi & Linc …

Another rushed week has sped by, but the two things I feel worth hitting the brakes for to give passing mention here are both musical in nature:

- Tuesday is the release of Lincoln Brewster's new material. If your as obsessive about this as I am, you should know there's a pre-order option that gives you the immediate satisfaction of three songs before the full release. I've been spinning the three new tunes and it seems like this release is definitely aimed at getting Lincoln into a few new niches. There's still some Irish-influenced guitar noodling, which is a nice throwback to Lincoln's earlier days, but it's probably going to have some stuff that gives a few old-timers' reason to think that Linc is now playing for the CCLI crowd. I could care less, but I'm a fairly recent convert to Linc. Good is good and this one is definitely sounding pretty good to my ears.

- Yesterday, Ecclesia was blessed to have a one-night stand-in band. Matthew & Lizi were the duo and their music is widely distributed. I'd suggest starting with the latest EP since it includes a couple of tunes worshiped to last night. "Love Moves" got things going and set a nice tone. If you can't get into Lizi's voice, we probably shouldn't ever talk about music ... because there's clearly something wrong with you if that's the case.

As far as the personal AV routine goes with Ecclesia, I ended up being a late sub for running media and it definitely felt a notch or two more comfortable this time. Still, running lyrics for a band I wasn't familiar with kept me on my toes. And if that wasn't enough, there were some pretty hairy segues between the band, in-house prayer, and Chris Seay giving the sermon from Argentina. I won't give away details - if I did, I'd be here boring you all day. But I'll chalk up the night to a solid B or B+, with a little harshness on the grading dialed back. I definitely feel a lot more at ease with everything, but the immersion method is now over for me. It'll be about a month before I have to tax my memory on this stuff again.

Last point to sorta stamp in time is that the work sched has managed to bleed dry any productive time I might spend with my guitar. I think it's been about a month since I've taken it out for a walk with. The good news: I'm developing a nice backlog of ideas for things I'd like to try once the free time returns. The bad news: I'll probably forget most of them. I guess, as a way of balancing things out, I've occasionally flipped through the recorder and have actually been impressed with the quantity of things that are on there that I've yet to polish off, combine with some other not-terribly-bad idea, or spend some more time mastering it to sound as good as it should. I've got a feeling that my neighbors are really going to hate having me as a neighbor after I dive back into the practice habit in November. Just putting that warning out there for them now.

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