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Just Another Saturday Night

What with me being who I am, I guess it was only a matter of time before I connected with the AV squad at the new church. After two "watch & learn" sessions, some deep breathing exercises to get my anti-Apple nerves settled over the prospect of using a Mac, and a healthy dose of self-confidence that I've effectively "done this" a number of times ... last Saturday was my first time at the helm of the Ecclesia media machine.

As far as self-grading goes, I give it a harshly-graded C+. There's a notable difference in running media for a smaller ministry that doesn't lean too heavily on media and going into a church where media is a bit more central and the pastor has totally different nonverbal cues that I'm supposed to pick up on. The critical damage for my part was really kinda meager: one song transition that confused me and I jumped the gun on video before the sermon. I should probably go easier on myself, but I know what a perfect night is like in the AV cage and Day One wasn't that. The part about transitioning from Window's Powerpoint to Mac's ProPresenter? ... not all that bad. The hard part was just dealing with nervousness about messing up the whole thing, which I'm proud to report that I did not do.

Still, it probably didn't help much that I caught this during a recent Woodland Hills sermon:

Truly, this is the sort of thing that wakes me up in a cold sweat during the middle of the night.

I'm reminded that one of the things I enjoyed about Lakewood Saturday nights was it's relative rawness compared to Sundays. Now it dawns on me that I'm probably part of the relative rawness that accompanies Ecclesia Saturday nights. Never let it be said that God doesn't have a wonderful sense of humor.

On the brighter side, the entire experience did make me a great deal more aware of what it means to worship with your work. I probably got that at some level during my prior Saturday night routine. But those nights were usually a LOT more relaxed compared to the new routine. Still, last Saturday was a great experience all around. Chris' sermon is well worth a second listen and a lot more deeper reflection.

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