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Anne Elaborates on “Quitting”

A belated followup on Anne Rice ...

There are moments in the interview that get an eyeroll out of me - mainly due to the interviewee. But it's worth watching to the end for Anne's explanation of whether it's worth walking away from organized religion altogether or just looking for another church. However discomforting some of her rationale may be to me or you, I honestly think there's something inherently Christ-like in the answer she's settling on. I would hope that it's only for a season and I'd much prefer she not conflate "Christianity" with something separate of Christ. But I think I get where she's going.

It's a bit familiar in my own switch to Ecclesia, though I was admittedly lucky in having that destination toward the top of my list of alternatives. I felt that, while I could have stayed back at Lakewood and taken up the discussion with others in church leadership who may have even been a bit more respectful, I just didn't feel that anything would have changed and I'd still be surrounded by a lot of people who believe that voting for one political party (or simply hating the other) is part of the walk that Christ calls us to walk. There are those who may wish to have that discussion, but for me, my fit was for a place to grow.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I really do get where Anne is coming from. Her experiences in many ways have paralleled my experiences in “christianity” in recent years (not much Christ there). I think that often this thing that we call “The Church” actually takes the place of God in our lives. For me it had become an idol.

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