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Sunday Night, I Hardly Knew Ya …

From teh twitterz:

Dear @ecclesiahouston we will be adding a fifth service at 5pm on Saturdays (beginning 9/11) Will you come & help open up seats on Sunday?

Why yes, I think I will. Now if I can just patiently stick to the current Sunday night routine, I'll be fine in the interim.

And yet, I've actually managed some bit of progress on switching routines around getting to church and filling in the rest of my weekend with backbreaking work at the air-conditioned office desk job, as well as errands around that homestead that I sorely neglect during the week. Although I missed out on last week due to a complete breakdown on that part, this past weekend went more-or-less as planned - with just enough time before service for a stroll through Half-Price Bookstore and a bite to eat somewhere along the way. With a 5pm Saturday service, that provides just enough excuse to bolt from work on Saturday, while freeing up Sunday for the full day of sloth sabbath that I love and appreciate.


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