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Resetting Boyd

Sometimes, a bit of repetition with the classics is a good thing. Here's a repeat posting of Greg Boyd's interview with Charlie Rose, discussing his book, "Myth of a Christian Nation."

A fair amount of what Boyd outlines is derivative of John Howard Yoder's thesis. There's two books by Yoder that I've been meaning to get around to reading: "The Politics of Jesus" and "The Christian Witness to the State". No luck so far, but there's a few resources here from his older material that I may work into the reading plan for what's left of this week.

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  1. I love this guy. Thanks for introducing me to him. This helped me put some verbal expression to what I’ve been believing for a while (about the church being too politically tied up).

    His statement in the last few seconds of the video seems a little familiar…

  2. There’s rarely a week that goes by these days when I haven’t listened to the latest sermon from Woodland Hills. I first took notice of Boyd when this story came out in the NY Times. The article made for a good read, but I didn’t get around to picking up his book at the time. Usually when I read stuff, my initial thought is “Well, good for him I guess, but he’s probably some wacky left-wing pastor that I won’t appreciate if I get into his work too deeply.” So I stayed clear. A friend brought his name up in convo sometime in early ’07 and really sold me on giving him a listen. So I went and downloaded the sermons from his Cross/Sword series and have been hooked ever since.

    I think what it is that I appreciate most about Boyd’s teaching is that he doesn’t try to paint Jesus as having nothing to do with politics … but rather that we look at His example to how he dealt with political questions of his day. Boyd’s teaching of the significance of Jesus’ temptations in the desert with the devil are enough to stop anyone in their tracks. I’m led to believe that there isn’t a great deal of separation between Boyd and John Howard Yoder’s teaching of Jesus’ “political” example, but Boyd is definitely the more accessible read of the two.

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