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With “Friends of God” like these …

By PaulT / August 25, 2017

I’ll rely on Rebecca Cusey to pinpoint many of the particulars of Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO documentary, Friends of God. But one point I’ll disagree with is her assesment that it represents a “good hard look at evengelicals.” The jist of the documentary is as follows: a liberal, lapsed Catholic, secular-friendly producer hits the road with […]


Wilkinson Finished in Africa

By PaulT / August 19, 2017

Disappointing followup to Bruce Wilkinson’s own Jabez-inspired mission in Africa. In 2002, flush with celebrity, the Prayer of Jabez author determined to use his newfound wealth and influence to address Africa’s tremendous social and spiritual problems. Eventually, his territory-enlarging vision narrowed to Swaziland, a tiny, impoverished kingdom abutting South Africa. Swaziland, with a population of […]


Why You Should Read the Liner Notes on All Your CDs

By PaulT / August 13, 2017

Spinning some tunes up at Koinonia last night, I popped in Todd’s copy of Kim Hill’s Surrounded by Love. Great CD for background music since it’s not too imposing. Hill’s style is basically 90s Country, which is fine by me since that was the only decade I really got into country music. We’ve played it […]


Wilcrest Baptist in the News

By PaulT / August 8, 2017

HOUSTON � If Hollywood ever makes a movie about Wilcrest Baptist Church, the three-hanky scene will be the party for Rodney Woo’s 10th anniversary as pastor. Before that 2002 event, he’d been exhausted by his long effort to turn a declining, nearly all-white congregation into a stable, thoroughly multiracial one. “I only quit about once […]


“What They Do For A Living”

By PaulT / August 2, 2017

I really wish that the YouTube revolution would catch on faster among Christian broadcasters. Jody Brown at Agape Press notes this appearance by Joel on TBN which serves as something of a contrast to the infamous Larry King interview: What really rings truest from this is the fact that just about anytime you see Joel […]