YouTube Christmas: Whiteheart "Little Drummer Boy"

Well, I don't know that Whiteheart ever made a video to speak of for this song, but the version they recorded has always been one of my favorite alterations to a Christmas Carol. Merry Christmas, and rock on ...



Sheri said:

I am desperately trying to find this album (Sparrow Records Christmas compilation album in 1987). Do you have any idea what it's called or where I could find it?

Greg ~ I'd be willing to bet that this is the same songs, repackaged.

Bobb Switzer said:

This ans Strypers version of Winter Wonderland are by far my favorite christmas song recreations of all time. Rick Florian is a stellar vocalist and the whole band nailing those huge vocal harmonies on DRUUUUM will forever stand out in my mind. If all Christmas songs were done this well, I couyld stomach them being played year round.


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