One More Musical Update: Carrie & Michael Hodge

Another treat from Lakewood's musical team. This time, another powerful female singer who brought the house down. First thought: where on earth do these guys hide such talent? Second thought: WHY on earth do these guys hide such talent. I know, I know ... only enough time for everyone to take the stage.

From the get-go, it was evident that Carrie had a bit more of a performance background as she commanded the stage rather expertly. But there was also no mistaking the power of her voice. The song was Michael W. Smith's "Healing Rain" and once more, the original fails to suffice as an approximation of the Carrie Hodge version.

Now, the one satisfactory outcome of this is that Pastor Joel offered a few hints at locating some tangential Lakewood tunage. We were told that Carrie was the wife of the lead guitarist in the orchestra, Michael. Now, I've long since taken note of Michael's work in this orchestra and it's not uncommon that I leave impressed with a few simple, tasteful, yet also masterful riffs that he works in. Since few of the songs are even close to being guitar-heavy, it takes a careful appreciation, but there's usually a few things that guitarists (current or former) can leave impressed with.

But really, this let me hit Google for some research. Joel also mentioned that Michael had worked in Nashville as a studio musician. Surely, this would be a slam dunk for finding some extra music performed by the Lakewood Orchestra ... right?

I had no idea how right I would be. Seems that Carrie and Michael performed as Two Hearts back in the early 90s and put out two CDs on the Star Song label - a Christian label out of Nashville.


It would appear the CDs are out of print, but the cheap prices via Amazon's third-party sellers offers some hope for getting both of these. Via a bit more Googling, Carrie may have some more work available via her time at Motown (a label match that sounds entirely logical for her vocal style). Likewise, there's some mention here about Michael having two instrumental releases available ... somewhere. Still on the lookout for that material. There's also ample material out there with Michael on guitar for a variety of other artists. Once more, I'm on musical overload.

UPDATE: Found one of the instrumental projects Michael's on. Looks a bit out of my range for musical appreciation, but still ... I'm intrigued enough to locate a copy to test that.



Cat Fahl said:

Thank you for this info...I was googling Carrie Hodge and found this blog. If you find out where to get a copy of the song she sang live at Lakewood Sunday (11/13/05) please let me know. I thought she was fantastic!

Greg said:

Here's a link to the Michael W. Smith song she sang at Lakewood. Her version had a bit more soul in it, but Smith does a pretty good job of it as well.

Really! Where have you been sleeping!? Not joking: I own at least some 5000 (different)CD's, and 3000 Vinyl, Carrie definitely is the most beautiful female voice I've ever heard; indescribably stirring, simply unsurpassed! Besides, she and Michael are wonderful people, too!

Refused to keep up with the demands of the record companies. For years now I am anxiously waiting for a record that does justice to their talents...!

Check out these links!

Sammy said:

Hey i don't know much about Carrie except that she is mikes's wife...Mike...what can i say...he's too kool a guitar player, i got to meet hm in India( thats where i'm from ) mind blowing guitar player and a great guy !

anonomys said:

I am a member of Lakewood church and go to see Carrie the few times she has perfomed there. And I can tell you she has a unique voice. I felt like I was at a concert or something it was awesome. I stood up with a smile on my face at the end of the songs. She broke it down with that Christmas song she sung a couple days ago. :)

Dawn Kasper said:

I have known Carrie since umm.....well for atleast 25 yrs. I live in Des Moines, Iowa and listened to Carrie sing almost my entire life...God has really placed His hand in her life & talents. Mike is an awesome man and more importantly a man of God. These two are so important to me that are the god parents of our oldest child (who is 17)we miss Carrie & Mike (& of course Gabriel) I am glad to see that God is continuously working in their lives. Carrie & Micheal we love & miss you very so very much!!!!Keep up Gods work
The Kasper's (Brian, Dawn, Emile', Miranda, Allison, Noah & Benjamin)

miss emile said:

I have known Carrie my whole life! I just recently saw her at Joel Osteen live in Little Rock Arkansas. . . She sings on the praise and worship team. It was so awsome!! She is also my godmother and I love her so much! I miss her dearly, and am soon going to visit her at her new home. Miss You and Love Ya girl!! See ya soon.

Chet Vacey said:

I have known Michael since the early 70's when I played percussion, guitar and even a little sax with him in a group called Sonrise from Rialto, Ca. He made a guitar talk before Framton ever tried. He is truly a musical talent and best of all he humbly gives Jesus Christ all the glory for using him and his talents.

Chris Gray said:

Does anyone know how to contact Carrie?? Let her know Chris Gray needs to talk to her!! And or her BRO Matt?

Sherri Wavrin Anderson said:

Does anyone know how to contact Chet Vacey, originally from Rialto, California?

steve said:

Michael Hodge is part of a jazz ensemble "Quad Venti" who have several projects out. I'm not sure he is on both, but is on the new Christmas project by Leann Albrecht "The Greatest Gift". Quad Venti is the instrumentation on this fine piece of work.

Elizabeth said:

I go to Lakewood and I am personal friends with Michael and Carrie. They are both great people. Michael is a amazing guitar player while carrie has the voice of towering angels. She preforms there some times and Michael plays guitar every weekend and wednesdays. As to the person who wants to know how to contact Carrie, I will see michael tonight and tell him they you want to talk to her. Does she have your number or anyway to contact you?

Lori Garcia said:

When my niece Emile' forwarded a song that Carrie had sung at Lakewood I was so pleased to hear the anointing her voice. It moved me to tears. For her obedience to the Lord he is using her voice to touch the hurting and lost. This is a prophetic word for Carrie, as you sing people in the audience are going to be healed!! The Holy Spirit told me to share that with you. I am just so pleased to have been blessed enough to have known you and personally watch you grow in Christ. I remember many times falling asleep to you and my sister's singing, as your Father worked with my family musically. You always blessed me with your voice, I was in awe of the power and brilliance you portrayed as you sang. Thank you for being my friend and part of my life and families, because you know you are part of us. With all my love to you, Micheal, and Gabrielle. may you continually be blessed because of the praise which comes from your mouth continually. Lori (Rector) Garcia

Pami Webber said:

I cannot beieve I found info on Two Hearts. I have their CD, Stand Your Ground. I have put it on my laptop as it means so much to me. Teach Me How has been a favorite of mine since it first came out on radio. I am trying my best to find a way to post it on my myspace page as my profile song. My husband, Mark, contacted Two Hearts several yrs ago and they were kind enough to send the autographed cd, cassette, and picture. I was a suprise for me from him. Mark died April 27, 2007 suddenly and unexpectedly so these items are now even more dear to me.

I often wondered what happened to Michael and Carrie...strange to find the info here ~ I just finished the Audio version of Joel's Become a Better You; which I feel he sat down and wrote just for me...Pami Webber. I am now chosing to live again - I thought I never would after Mark died...thank you Mr. Osteen!

Pami Webber
Matthews, NC

GuiGrl said:

Hello Pami,

Thank you for the wonderful testimony ... from your heart.
It touched mine and I'm sure it will many others.
God bless and take care! He loves you.

Elisa Schumacher Relyea said:

I've been looking for Carrie & Michael for years. I had the opportunity to get to know them when I was in Christian radio. Of course that was back in the early 90s. Do they have a website? Is there a way to get in touch with them.

Elisa (Schumacher) Relyea
formerly with WLIX - Bayshore, Long Island, New York

Brooks said:

Carrie sang "On Top Of The World" on the Tonight Show in January, 1975, when she was eleven. I became a dues paying member of her fan club, and happily attended several performances at Walt Disney World a little over a year later. She had a song in her repertoire back then "Hello, operator, get me Jesus on the line." Who knows, maybe she was already leaning towards a commitment to Christ.

But on the Internet information about her current appearances and CDs is scanty. I hope there will be a website some day.

If anyone who knows her personally wants to help get her in contact with me I can be found here:

Michael, have you and Israel H. recorded any thing ? I believe you and Israel have a spititual tie. How you shared your talent with Lakewood and God has moved awsomely !!!

Sandy Heuring said:


I was a friend of Carrie's in Des Moines where we both grew up. I remember watching her nightly at the Blue Max, she was the lead singer of a youth band called "The Love Train". I still have pictures of us together as kids as well as newspaper clippings. On one occasion, after her show we went to the grocery store with my mom; where the clerk begged her to sing on the store microphone, it was the wee hours of the morning but she gladly did it!

We lost touch for awhile, then I ran into her again via her father when I was 17. After that we totally lost touch, my mom would send me any newspaper articles she could find of Carrie. I'm not surprised by all the wonderful things everyone has said about her, she was absolutely amazing even as a child. She was such fun!

If she ever reads this, I'd love to hear from her.

By the way, where is Lakewood that everyone is refering to?

God Bless,

Sandy Anderson-Heuring

Joshua Inman said:

I have been a fan of Michael & Carrie since they were Two Hearts. I have both their albums and I now have their new Christmas album: that is now avalible. It is awesome! I love it. It is about time they put out another album. I am hoping for more!

Bill Riley Jr said:

My father started the Bill Riley talent search where Carrie performed. We are planning a all start talent show reunion and I need to see if Carrie and Mike might be able to join us?
Bill Riley Jr

Brian Pierson said:

Dear Bill Riley Jr.

It would be nice to have a reunion. I was part of the group Love Train with Carrie in Des Moines. Carrie and I are still in touch. I also keep fairly close contact with other members of the band. We have talked of doing a reunion.

We once almost did a reunion for your Dad at the State Fair but things just did not work out.

I know several of the members of Love Train would love to do a reunion. Whenever we get together with Carrie and her family, normally in Nashville, we do talk old road stories and talk about doing a reunion at the Bill Riley Stage during the Iowa State Fair. My thought has always been to do some of the old stuff from the days of Love Train and then some of Carrie and Michael's new material. I would most certainly have Michael onstage for the whole performance. What a talented guitarist, producer and band leader.

As your Dad used to say, "Hey, Tiger".

We bought Bill a set of Tiger print pajamas one year (probably about 1974) and presented them to him when he was attending one of shows at the Blue Max in the old Kirkwood Hotel.

Do contact me and we will see what can be done to make the reunion come together.

I just stumbled onto this site, so not sure how often I will check it. So email me directly

I am headed to Nashville this Friday to visit Carrie's family.

Brian Pierson


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